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Detail map

Detail map

Paoli Loop Location

Paoli Loop Location

Paoli Loop Vine Trail

Alignment Study


American Canyon, CA


Napa Valley Vine Trail

The proposed study addresses a potential Class I trail connection from green Island Road on the west side of Highway 12, along the undercrossing of Highway 29 known as Paoli Loop. The trail would connect to Watson Lane on the east side of the Highway. The City of American Canyon has applied for an OBAG 2 grant for a Class I bike path on Green Island Road and is also studying the Vine Trail alignment on Devlin Road, but the Paoli Loop is a gap in the route study. A peripheral factor is a Caltrans study of the long-term potential to connect Green Island Road east-west to Highway 12.

TrailPeople documented the conditions and evaluated significant opportunities and constraints along the route and the alternative alignments. We summarized and compared the options to facilitate further discussions, planning, and potential decisions and negotiations.

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